Siesta Mar S.L. also offers you the following services:

Administration of Communities and Fincas
Administrative management
Real estate agents

We have more than 30 years of experience and a professional multilingual staff (Spanish, German, English, French, Serbo-Croatian)

Administration of Communities and Fincas:

We take care of the financial, legal and technical matters necessary for the maintenance and the economic management of the Communities/Fincas on demand of the owners or according to the decisions of the Board of Owner.

Our distinct strength is to carry out the Owners’ meetings and to draw up the minutes in the above mentioned languages in order to ensure a harmonic coexistence  of different nationalities

Administrative management 

Management of private accounts for paying electricity, water bills, insurance, telephone, etc…

Tax declarations form 210

Post box rentals


Assistance and escort for appointments with Notary, lawyer, police…

Representation by power of attorney in administrative matters, like purchase/sale of properties, tax office, etc…

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